Pricing and Privacy


Mission-aligned Pricing

At Rememorate, our mission is to build technology that improves people’s memory and relationships. The goal of the app is to help you remember names, and increase your odds of starting a meaningful relationship.

According to psychologist Robin Dunbar, the average person can remember 150 names and faces at a time. With Rememorate, we’ll get you started for free (up to 50 contacts), and then at a subsidized rate until you hit 150. Once you’re above average, and have used the app over 150 times, that’s when our full rate kicks in.

Privacy is Paramount

At Rememorate, your privacy is of the utmost importance. In a world of Facebook exploitation, data mining, and GDPR — we want to make it clear that we aren’t in the business of storing or selling your contact data.

Every contact you add to Rememorate is stored locally on your phone, instead of on our servers or a cloud provider’s servers. The advantage is that you have full control of your data, and you’re the only person that has access to it. The downside is if you lose your phone, you also lose your data.

To provide a cloud storage and back-up option, we added a feature to link Rememorate to your personal Dropbox account. That way, you and Dropbox are the only ones that have access.

In Summary

Rememorate is advertising-free, and we have no desire to see or sell your contact data. We went with a mission-aligned freemium business model because we genuinely want to help you remember names, and hope that you’ll be willing to support us if we help you achieve that goal!

Co-founder, Rememorate

Co-founder, Rememorate



  • Fully featured

  • Add up to 50 contacts

  • Free


  • Fully featured

  • Add up to 150 contacts

  • $9.99/year


  • Fully featured

  • Unlimited contacts

  • $9.99/month


  • Corporate Authentication (LDAP, G-Suite, etc.)

  • Corporate Backup

  • Custom Integrations (CRM, HMS, HRMS, etc.)

  • $9.99/month/user (volume discounts available)