Remember the important people you meet, using photos, business cards, and psychology.


The average person can only remember 150 faces and names at a time (i.e. The Dunbar Number), but in our daily lives, we’re likely interacting with 10x that number of people, every single year.

The memory of when you met someone is in there, you just need the right triggers to get to it. We perceive up to 80% of all impressions visually, so a photo is one of the best ways to access the memory of when you met — even if that photo isn’t of the person’s face.

“A person's name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.”

— Dale Carnegie


The Psychology of Memory

Rememorate leverages tried and true psychology techniques that are proven to increase your retention and recall.

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Business Card Scanning

If you take a photo of a business card, we automatically recognize the text, and place it in the appropriate fields. All text on the card becomes instantly searchable through our Smart Search functionality, and we can even detect if they have a public social media profile.

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Pricing and Privacy

Unlike our competitors, we don’t store or sell your contact data. Our mission is to improve your memory and foster relationships, so we only charge if we’re helping and you’re finding value.

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Our Founding Story

Dan and Bob randomly met on a plane — an interactive technologist seated next to the owner of a commercial roofing company.

Sometimes chance meetings lead to life-changing opportunities — we founded Rememorate to help others discover and capitalize on them.


Enterprise Accounts

Rememorate is available for enterprise deployment — including integration with your CRM and your corporate directory.