Photo browse

photo browse.png

Tired of scrolling through hundreds of contacts in your phone, when you don't even know which letter of the alphabet to start at? Now you can browse through the photos you took until you find the one you want.


Timeline Browse

timeline sort.png

Can't remember someone's name, or where you met them? If you remember when you met them, you can browse base on time -- when you added them.


keyword search

contact browse with filter.png

Rememorate's intelligent search allows you to type in any word, and it will search all profile fields at once, whether it's a name, place, keyword, or note you wrote.



map browse


If you remember where you met a person, you can open up the map and zoom into that location. It even shows you a preview of all of the people you added at that particular place.


dropbox backup


Want to make sure you don't lose your contacts if you lose your phone? Use our Dropbox feature to sync your contacts with your Dropbox account.


Business card scanning

business card scanning copy.png

Walk back from a conference with a stack of business cards? Now you can auto-populate that person's name and info from the card so you don't have to manually type it in.