Rememorate | The Mobile App for Remembering Names
Remember the important people you meet




Using psychological triggers and metadata to jog your memory.

Rememorate helps you store and remember the important people that you meet. It’s a contact management app with a focus on easily retrieving and finding their info, even if you can’t remember their name.

The first step to Rememorate someone is to take a photo. That photo will become a visual cue to help you remember that person -- it could be of the person, a selfie with you and the person, or even a photo of something that reminds you of the person/place/time. From there, you can add any other contact info you might have, such as name, phone, email, notes, etc.

When you want to remember someone, there are a bunch of ways you can find them:

  • Photo browse: look through your contact photos to see if you recognize the pic
  • Map browse: find them on the map based on where you met
  • Timeline browse: look through contacts by date and time that you met
  • Text search: type in any names, keywords, or notes you remember